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It’s that time of the month again…No, not that one – it’s THEME CHANGE time.

H Ren and I just attended the galleries and took a late luncheon after one had one’s interview with the Man about one’s Allowance (dole). Our discussion ranged around a few ideas – including the persistent yet too-bizarre ‘Tap Tap Tap Month’ until we set upon our final, defiant theme, it’s:


Yes, in spite of all the Liquidations, Administrations, Downsizings, Unemployments (and I speak here from very personal, current experience) it’s time for some end-of-year BOOM. Of whichever sorts we see fit. Of course, with H Ren’s imminent show and the fortune that awaits from the wealthy artistic benefactors lurking out amidst the towers of Bad Debt (was there ever a good kind?) BOOM is sure to be just around the corner…

To celebrate, here are a selection of serious booms:


Also featured is Basil Brush, who loves to say BOOM and is also very Dandy (for a Fox) as well as fitting in nicely to H Ren’s recent sub-theme/look of Game-Keeper. Perhaps she’ll take Basil out with the Duck of Prey. More on the DoP later in the week…

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