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Moving Images 1: Fokus

I thought I’d set myself a challenge of writing every week from a public domain bit of film footage, to give my blog a ‘thing’ (yes, ‘a thing’)…

Over the last year, I’ve become more interested in the interplay of video, poetry, video-poetry, poetry-video, film-poetry, poetry-film – or however you’d like to label it. As a poet who loves film, it’s a rich and fertile inbetween space.

There are an incredible amount of free film resources out there to choose from, so in putting them to use as as source material for creative writing, I hoped I might be able to share some of them with you.

I’m going to give you my writing, followed by the film – but you can view them in whichever order you like:


You don’t always know the door is open when you’re chained to the radiator, smoking.

You can’t always see this trapezial light, or feel the echoes of last night that butt-in, splutter-splice with this bloody morning city.

Your head is the ash and you’re building it up. Your head is the ash and there’s never a tray. Your head is the ash but you’re still smoking smoking smoking.

And you can watch the film here:

This is from the site, which contains an amazing range of film resources – have a look!

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