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NaPoWriMo 2.1: Eat Chips

“Ten trillion flies can’t be wrong…”


Parental Guidance – (Mildly) Explicit Lyrics

So it begins. And I do enjoy the challenge of NaPoWriMo – it’s amazing what you can generate when you sit down for half an hour and actually focus…

Today’s first prompt from NaPoWriMo is to write in response to a randomly-generated quote from the Bibliomancy Oracle – which is a fine and useful resource. Here’s what the Oracle returned for me to work with and what I did with it.

So as per my warning – it was poet Bruce Andrews who swore, not me, Guv…

Eat Chips: Voice Over for a Culinary Tourist Film

“Ten trillion flies can’t be wrong: Eat Shit.”

– from ‘Seven Poems’ by Bruce Andrews

Or failing that, why not come to sunny Hudders

where rather than eating shit, you could eat chips instead.

Here, there is no need to fear or ever be very afraid

for long ago was laid in the streets between the wounded

mills, the industrious larvae of the potato.

These days, you see, such as flies are we

to the Chippy: their homely tabbards

invite us to the counter

– glinting, silver, sleek –

into this slick of chips.

Here’s tea.

Behold your wriggling chips:

chips that crawl from the fryer’s

mouth, chips that whisper trans-

lucence through thinning paper. Chips that,

like copious ketchup sweet, squeeze

the days from your



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