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NaPoWriMo 4.23: My Hitman

A quick and very-first-draft one today (which may remain so) – written in response to a prompt in Helena Nelson’s book How (not) To Get Your Poetry Published.

I won’t share what the (clever) prompt is, because you’ll have to buy the book too 😉

My Hitman

We meet somewhere outside, somewhere not-an-office and drink fancy coffees. She (for they are unlikely to be ‘male’) will ask difficult questions, smilingly – a disagreeable helper – challenging my choices, to move the work on.

We will talk not only about the words, but also the style, the paper, the print, it will be a complete aesthetic consideration. There will be laughter, some of it lewd, but the focus will always return.

She will be older than me, perhaps five to ten years, able to say difficult things in a way I trust. I will seek her advice, largely accept it, until I find confidence in my own.

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