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MOOCs & Lots of Learning

I’ve just started on a Future Learn course (a MOOC – Massive Online Open Course, I believe) – which is about Literature and Mental Health: Reading for Wellbeing

It’s going to be interesting engaging with the subject through this medium – and how one interacts with the abstract ‘cloud’ of others, out there, also taking part. My hope is that some real connections and conversations come out of the process.

As a creative writing practitioner, I increasingly value the reading part of my workshops – where we spend extended time with one poem, together. The two parts sit very comfortably for me: creative writing and creative reading are really part of the same cycle.

So far, the course seems very well thought – out and the website is very easy to navigate, so I’m hoping to get some useful insights from it which will feed into my CPD and practice. And what’s more: it’s free! What a wonderful resource.

They’ve such a rich variety of courses on there, it’s definitely worth exploring. I’m intending to start another course on The Internet of Things soon, but will have to see how much time each takes up…It would be easy to get carried away, with all this free learning…

I’m also starting a series of Poetry School workshops this week, which I’m hoping will really boost the writing side of my (personal/creative) practice too.

So it looks like 2016 is going to be a Year of Learning. Which every year should be, of course.

I hope you’re enjoying reading, learning and writing too (in any or all orders).

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