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NaPoWriMo 2.27: Tele


Very long lines was today’s prompt from NaPoWriMo – I’m not sure mine are quite long enough, but I don’t have much time today – and have written something…Here it is!


That ridiculous tele, the size of it, spreading at the edges of the Panasonic black.; it got so big it wasn’t cinema it was more than a window, a wall even. It spread out so far it encompassed the whole of the town, even though you couldn’t usually see it all from that house. It got so big that it could see itself from space showing Ultra HD footage of the Great Wall of China and the plastic islands of the Atlantic and Pacific. When it showed nature doco’s the tele was so big it made the Blue Whale seem like a minnow, the Sun like an energy-saving lightbulb. But that tele was still too small. It never showed enough. So we wait, wait, wait for the upgrade.

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