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NaPoWriMo 2.30: try

lizard fish bird mammal shrimp brain innit

Here’s something for the last day which – (YES I CHEATED but I had nothin’ left for April, ya hear!) – was written on Saturday at a workshop. So there. I’m gifting it to April.

But, as it’s my response to a prompt ‘When I Write…’, it seemed apt to finish on. And being completist, I had to have that 2.30 title up there to finish.

So, finish it will – with NaPoWriMo 2014’s final…


to keep up with

the pen

pen with the hand

hand pulled along

on a lead by the mind


pushing and pulling

inside against

dawn chorus of

lizard bird fish mammal shrimp

impulses pen

attempting to keep

up with

jump in

around words

sit on the branch of ‘t’

in the corner

of this field

at Dedham Primary

everything else

slips away except

everything though

you can hop on

the word


ride it until

this wave


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