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NaPoWriMo 2.5: Talking Dogs


Borders need Boundaries…?

Off-prompt today as I’m doing day 5 and 6 today (was out and about yesterday) and this had started forming in my head already.

Something light, silly and sound-oriented, which occurred to me after a chat on the train yesterday – and the general number of talks you end up having when with a dog. I hope you enjoy it…

Talking Dogs

And on the train

she says,

That labradoodle

she got the blues

if she didn’t have shoes

while she snoozed.

And on the towpath

I say,

These Borders

they need boundaries

to be happy. To taste, to see

the limits of two countries:

the line between

Dog and Me.

And in the pub

he says,

Our mongrel –

his history’s unknown

but what kind of a home,

what breed of person,

could think to leave him

on his own?

And she says,

That labradoodle

she’d choose the shoes –

but she wouldn’t chew.

She knew whose

shoes were whose.

She’d place them,

neatly, at the foot

of your trews.

And none of us knew

 – that shoe-choosing labradoodle,

my Border and my boundaries,

his mongrel, left alone –

none of us knew

or needed

human names.

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