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NaPoWriMo 2015.4: Creag Iolaire

One of the scenes I remember from the day in 1997 when Diana’s death was reported.

Didn’t fancy the love/un-love prompt today, so had a look through the old prompts I had saved – and one (from marvellous Jo Bell) was to write something based on a ‘historical moment’ and what you really remember of it.

So, and I know everyone remembers this, here is my remembrance of finding out about Princess Diana’s death while on holiday in Scotland, 1997. The title is the name of the (friend of the family’s) house we were staying at.

Creag Iolaire

I slouch down the teenage holiday stairs, unaware, as our host flutters: ‘Darling! There’s been a terrible tragedy!’ So we click through all five channels for the scenes of tunnel, Gendarmes, tarmac strewn with flowers and twisted paparazzi lenses.

And then, it was time to return from Eagle’s Nest Highlands to Blackbird East Anglia, in the back of the campervan, pausing only occasionally and pursued only

by the mountains of newsstand print, the tiara light tinkling on the Lochs, the inky stare of the skies.

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