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NaPoWriMo 2015.5: A Plank In Reason

A Plank In Reason?

Playing catch-up today (when I should be doing other things, of course), with my Emily Dickinson-inspired poem. Here it is…

A Plank in Reason

And then a Plank in Reason, broke, And I dropped down, and down – And hit a World, at every plunge, And Finished knowing – then –

            – Emily Dickinson

We have kept two aboard – one each – at bow and at stern – for help when the bank becomes too distant to leap

and it was only this week after three- and-a-half-years of living afloat – that one of them broke – but not fully. Just a cracked corner –

a great splinter – as it sunk through the reeds. And now it waits by the stove: too big to burn and sharp as a stake.

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