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NaPoWriMo 4.1 – The Crumb Museum


“A bright seed…”

It’s April – and that means National Poetry Writing Month…And I’ve decided to really commit again this year.

I’ll be putting up brand-new just-written poems, some of which I’ll then take down and polish to send off elsewhere, some of which will stay as forever works-in-progress. (Because that’s how it works…)

Some days I’m going to use the NaPoWriMo prompt, and others I’m going to try out new ones (from various resource books), those from Jo Bell’s 52 Project or – at the wise advice of Philip Gross in a Poetry School podcast – to delve back through my notebooks at fragments, details, early ideas, and see what might come of them with a bit more focus.

Yesterday’s prompt was to write a Lune – which is actually 5/3/5 syllables. But in a Friday rush, and probably having had a Friday beer, I thought Lunes were 3/5/3. (And this does come from an earlier fragment (crumb?) in my notebook.)

So I present a poem in Inverted Lune form – still a form, just not quite the one I’d intended:

The Crumb Museum I shook it
upside-down, that day
it caught fire: its archive
from the black basement
billowing, setting off
the smoke alarm’s song,
charcoaling. But beneath
its unplugged structure - 
The Curator. Reclusive,
her eight able limbs
busily catalogued
these relics of bread.The sour-dough of last year.Hovis Best of Both
(reduced aisle). A bright seed
excavated from
a bagel like a jewel
in a bright casing
of new silk.
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