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The cover of my pamphlet, out on Feb 13th.

A good run of publications recently:

A walrussy ecophrastic (ekphrastic, but about natural history galleries) poem, here on And Other Poems.

I’ll have a couple of poems in Confluence journal, coming up, and two on Atrium I’ll post about later.

Perhaps most excitingly: my debut pamphlet, Wasted Rainbow, is out with tall-lighthouse in February!

Which is also, conveniently, LGBT+ History Month. The pamphlet has a thread of poems about growing up in Section 28-era censorship – something which has really become vivid to me as an educator working in much more open and progressive schools of the 2010s and 20s!

I hope the pamphlet opens up some conversations about how we should never go back to that repressive agenda. You can pre-order the pamphlet and book for the launch on Feb 13th, here.

If you’re looking for online LGBT+ happenings online in February – we’re also running a six-week wellbeing course for LGBT+ people, Reclaiming the Rainbow, from next Monday 1st. You can book places on that, here.

That’s all for now, folks!

Hope you’re doing OK out there.

Solidarity, Fortitude and Poetry. xx

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