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Ride the Lights, 26th March


Ride the Lights

On Wednesday 26th April, Paul Hurley and I will be running a creative cycling expedition from The Hepworth, Wakefield, called Ride the Lights.

The event is the third cycling-arts event Paul and I have led, after CycloGeographic in 2010 for SusTrans in Caerphilly (to celebrate the opening of a new National Cycling Network route) and then a Situationists Vs Romantics CycloGeo expedition for Juliana’s Bike in Leeds last year.

We’ll be exploring themes of light, and the play between fact and fiction for the Hepworth event, inviting riders to explore the cinematic fragments and moments of Wakefield at night – inspired by the current exhibition by Philip-Lorca diCorcia. There will be intrigue, inspiration and a fair amount of light-up items.

You can book a place on the ride here. We hope to see you and your bike there…

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