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2.28: Big Deal

The Sloth: A Big Deal (for real)

Here’s my news story-based poem (using pretty much just words from the article itself).

The story was from the BBC Science & Environment site and you can read it here and concerns new discoveries about the energy-saving anatomy of sloths.

So I felt any sloth poem demanded to be quite short and minimal. And noticed the scientists had used the phrase ‘Big Deal’ twice. Which, for an animal so energy-conscious – many things must be…

Big Deal

There is not much left

in the tank. 7 to 13 %

is a big deal.

For energy saving experts

anchoring organs

is a big deal.

Their stomach, liver, kidneys

and even bowels:

a big deal.

Nothing they do is normal.

They are ‘off the wall’.

An extremely slow

and low

big deal.

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