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Climbing Everest (Secretarial Services)

Apologies for the terrible lapse in blog-age: what with moving house and the continued job-hunt and general readjustment to not-being-in-an-office-every-day-ness, I had a lapse.

However, I am not settled into my new abode – just down the corridor from Lady High Renaissance – and cracking on with things. One of which is filling in an Arts Council application for a project we may be doing at Clevedon Pier – the Funding Gods willing – next year.

To which end, I have just been to print out the forms so I can work my way through them in tangible paper from as well as ephemeral digital form (forms). Since the printing shop has shut along Gloucester Road, visited a shop just down the road called Everest Secretarial Services. It’s worth a visit if only for the chat with the old lady who works there and for the window on another time it appears to be. With me, one other chap needing to fax some papers (a challenging two sheets) to India and another waiting (he had an appointment) for his CV to be rejigged, the lady was so flustered initially that she asked me to come back in a bit – even though all I wanted was to print from a memory stick. This was quite an advanced request, though. I can only imagine what she did to the CV, whatever it was I would imagine it was very en vogue in the late (19)70s.

However, in the short time that I was there she did convey the information that Imogen (who called but was told she was far too busy with three people waiting and was, perhaps, a daughter) was refusing to cook Christmas dinner for her in-laws as they’d forgotten her birthday; that Everest Lady had given up on the central heating and that was why the paper was steaming as it came out of the printer; and that if it did snow, she wanted to the M4, M25 AND A12 all to be blocked so that she didn’t have to attend Christmas with Imogen or any of the others. They had the Daily Mail guide to birds on the wall. You could almost hear the sound of the mechanical typewriters in there…

OK, so the printing was 10p/sheet – eek! – but the added extras were pretty special.

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