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Grumpy Geisha

Well, after a weekend of gallery openings, rave-geisha activity and socialising, today it’s back to the grind of trying to find work and trying not to be grumpy about it – in spite of the deluge outside…

On Saturday, Paul and I donned neon-coloured Geisha outfits for an event in Dalston –

It started a little slowly as we didn’t quite know what we were doing – never having been a rave-geisha before – but once everyone had a few drinks and we’d realised there was little brief other than encouraging people to buy the (actually very gorgeous) sake cocktails from our area. In the process, we got to try a variety of gins (from a frozen pussy, poured by a nice lady dressed as a cat), has some lovely chats with people, lots of photos taken with folks – and I received some tuition on how to walk better in heels by a ballet dancer. All in all a very jolly time.

This week it falls upon me to move house – joy! Always fun. So it’s back to the boxes for me and then off to the gymnasium – I may as well stay a fit unemployed person while I’m still paying the membership…

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