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Logan’s Run Middle Class Butlins

Forgive me, Blog, it’s been some time since I last blog-ged.

Thanks goodness, the festive Season is over! As much as I’m not quite a bah-humbug type, I’m glad that life seems to be able to continue…

We’re presently at Center Parcs in Elveden for my Mum’s 60th birthday. A Canadian friend asked what it was and I said there were villas and a swimming complex and such – and she said ‘So it’s like Butlins?’ To which I could only reply yes, ot’s like a middle-class Butlins. My partner Paul initially though it was ALL under a big glass dome – like the 70s sci-fi film Logan’s Run. But it’s not – just the Subtropical Swimming Paradise, which we’ve already visited a couple of times – and gone on all the flumes and rapids. Fun.

This morning, my little nieces were excited about a squirrel outside on the summer tables and chairs. There’s a lot of them here – it’s re-asserted my idea that a Squirrel Army would be the most fearsome of weapons. Must start farming them.

Goodness, someone’s obviously thought of it already!

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