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NaPoWriMo 2.12: Hilarity Crash-Lands in Japan

Or become hysterical – but do go to Japan, it’s great.

Yesterday’s word adventure was to think up a concrete noun – a word for a solid, everyday thing – and look it up online.

Then, the idea is to replace that word with an abstract noun – love, fear, sorrow – and see what emerges:  a ‘replacement poem’.

It’s a nice way of forcing an unusual perspective, a form of remote association (which poetry depends on) – wherein one has to draw together two disparate elements and seek what links them. I found the playlist poem exercise did this, too, linking song titles to a Russian constructivist tower (!).

So I got a concrete and abstract noun (from a third party, to make it interesting), looked up the concrete noun and found a news story about it, or a particular type of it…Then created a sort of deletion poem, cutting down and down until it became something else:

Hilarity Crash-Lands in Japan

It burst in

from a pit

that orbited Earth

for eight months.

Very interesting


The ‘extraterrestrial’,

expected in April,

suddenly produced.

Form was unusual:

sent to the ISS

with astronaut

Koichi Wakata,

returned to Earth

eight months later.

“We are amazed

how fast it has grown,”

Masahiro Kajita,

chief priest, said.

Children planted the seeds,

to blossom in 10 tears*,

when children

come of age.

The original – very strange & beautiful – news story can be read here.

* NB this typo was in the original article, but I left it as I liked the image…

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