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NaPoWriMo 2.13: Upmarket Sunday Kennings

Upmarket Sunday. Nom nom nom.

Today’s challenge: to write something with the Old Norse tradition of kennings. These are a kind of compound-noun, which evoke a particular thing, ie. “Whale-Road” for “Ocean”. (I’ve also head them done with a noun and verb – “Bin-Diver” – but not mentioning the name of the thing itself.)

As we went to the market in Huddersfield today for Upmarket Sunday – and had a very nice time talking about delicious things, trying delicious things and buying too many delicious things – I thought I’d evoke some of what we acquired, or saw, through kennings…

Upmarket Sunday Kennings

Buzz jar.

Pastry oink.

Moo smoothness.

Apple fuddle.

Tiger stamp.

Spirits Sherpa.

Oat oracle.

Mother pulse.

Allspice elder.

Woof weave.

Chick covers.

Podge pleasure.

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