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NaPoWriMo 2.19: Stopping Above Huddersfield on a Sunny Afternoon


The view from Castle Hill above Huddersfield

Here’s my rubaiyat (though I think I lost the rhyme scheme in the last two stanzas – gah!), inspired by how sound carries on a bright day, above an urban setting…The title is a nod, of course, to the Robert Frost poem mentioned on the NaPoWriMo site.

Stopping Above Huddersfield on a Sunny Afternoon

From the great lawn below, sounds shine up: each dandelion instant, each buttercup that dots the afternoon, this warm air’s stave with symphonic gulps from each pint’s sup.

On her cracking patio, she’s trying to save the barbecue from doom. Despite the grave warnings on the sausage’s pack: Defrost five hours. She gives her guests a half-baked wave.

He’s tracing each bubble, counting hours lost last night. How many did he accost in the primal lights of Lloyds No 1? Yet no new contact, just lines crossed.

On the bus, they’re avoiding each other’s eyes, holding singles tightly. Craving KFC fries, a giant Pepsi. Alone, with the sun. From the driver’ seat, a blackbird harmonises.

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