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NaPoWriMo 2.24: Skag-Afforder

"Egg raining aloe vera"

“Egg raining aloe vera”

I loved doing the homophonic translation last year – which produced this vulgar thing from a Danish poem.

As I seemed to do well with Nordic languages I don’t know, this year I ventured to Iceland and vandalised this poem into English.

It is, of course, utterly ridiculous and – like last year – quite vulgar. This probably says something about the juvenile translation words, lurking in my subconscious, but I’m OK with that.

No, I don’t think it has much artistic merit, but it does conjure some amusing and slightly disgusting images – so I hope you enjoy it:


Egg raining aloe vera:

a lewd leg vile, born in

so poo-herding, unleaded mitt –

beggar bar and lemur.

Miley coke, your oaf and I, grasséd.

Ah, Aluminium Minion.

Log Fairy met Joke Diddum,

Fingered UK RyanAir.

Pass Jeff, or dingo-mule of grey.

Sam, that egg, ever owes.

Peek your paw after

a hymn, nesting hosier, licked, tinny:

all taps screw-loose, pooing, my eyes of Cheddar burning.

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