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NaPoWriMo 27: Tami Is Using Pinterest

All that glitters is not what’s good for the goose.

Feeling experimental today! I have been out running a workshop earlier, so just used the NaPoWriMo prompt to co-write a search-engine poem with my partner.

It is based on the first few words of proverbs and the results they yielded from search engines. We then wrote 5-line stanzas and interlaced them…

Here it is! See if you can guess the two proverbs…

Tami Is Using Pinterest

Tami is using Pinterest

to collect and share

a carefully constructed edifice


in the fourth quarter of last year

Your bespoke daily dose

bankers wedding dresses

a short simple gallery of cakes

sacrosanct motor-

sport rounds up the old body

What is it good for?

Switched at birth might be


at a low price.

Sweetwater and the Satisfaction.

They really believed

giving up the ready-made ghost

a new audience expected

to participate, to take

disco balls and the society

of spectacle.

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