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NaPoWriMo 8: An Ottova Rima


There’ll be plenty of this going on above the Atlantic in years to come, it seems…

Yes, I’m still running on something of a poetry-deficit – but I will catch up by the end of the month and have 30 poems!

The 8th challenge was to write an Ottova Rima; a formal type of poem in iambic pentameter, with the rhyme-scheme abababcc. I didn’t know what to write mine about and then heard a piece on Radio 4earlier discussing some climate researchers’ work about air turbulence. They have concluded that, as climate change develops/progresses/worsens, so will the bumpy ride across the Atlantic (ironic perhaps, as aviation exhaust fumes are no doubt a massive contributing factor!) due to the changing Gulf Stream…

So I wrote this Ottova Rima with aeroplane imagery, perhaps about not knowing what to write about, or something – I don’t know, but it’s another one down!


At thousands of ideas above this sea

My pen: the fluid action of a vein.

This isobar controls no more than we

Control the sky’s intention with a plane,

Can regulate its breath. But could it be

The pulsing of a heart’s soft hurricane

Becomes the pen’s propulsion, roaring loud

To pierce the floating ink within a cloud?

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