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Why ‘Could Be The Moon’?

Well then: new year, new website. And a new name for my (un)creative writing & facilitating endeavours. But why ‘Could Be The Moon’?

‘Could Be The Moon’ was a label on one of the sculptures, in an exhibition of Robert Filiou, ‘The Institute of Endless Possibilities’, at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds. A series of objects were given ‘could be…’ labels and this particular assemblage was given the potential to be the moon…

I already had the ‘Possibilities’ part in my four-word mission statement (Poetry. Performance. Participation. Possibilities.) – and loved Filliou’s take on all art and creativity as process. (Whether ‘bien fait’/well made, ‘mal fait’/poorly made or ‘pas fait’/not made, as above.)

As the Henry Moore Institute put it: “Play and joy occupy crucial roles for Filliou, who believed art making was part of a permanent, universal and endless process deeply embedded in everyday life”.

So here’s to play, joy, and the permanent, universal and endless process in 2015: could be…who knows….(yes, that’s a West Side Story reference).

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