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Zombies, Zombies, Everywhere…

…Blog? What blog?

It appears a month has nearly whisked by, and I’ve not updated my activities on here at all. Shame on me.

I write while watching the catch-up episode of Dead Set on E4 from last night – which has so far been great fun.

All else is well in the world of Caleb. I’m reading tomorrow night for a story-telling group called Heads and Tales in the presently-closed Bristol Old Vic auditorium. It’s a grown-up spooky fairy-tale called Moonslice. I’m really looking forward to it now I’ve read through the piece a couple of times – and am looking forward to hearing what the other writers have done for the evening.

Eek – one of the characters just went all Zombiefied on the TV. And then an undead shop-keeper gave chase of the stolen van they were picking up medical supplies in. It’s not ideal, really.

Anyway – next week, as part of my ‘International Tour’ – I will be reading some work at an event in Frome. I’ve decided to address the apparently two major themes of English literature – Sex and Death – but not in that order…I’m going to read a selection of ‘elegies’, or at least poems for lost things – two about piers (Clevedon and Weston) a poem about my ex-dog Frank, one about my deceased Granny, and then finally the Vermin II: To His Coy Hen or, The Closest To The Dodo…

It’ a curious business, this blogging – during the day I tend to have quite a lot of thoughts I would like to commit to paper/screen, but once home they seem to leave me. Perhaps it’s a matter of writing until the thoughts of the day return of their own accord.

For now, however, Dead Set has finished – and continues to be very well made – so I’m off to prepare for dinner at a friend’s house. I’m supposed to dress up tomorrow evening – I think I’m going to go as a dead thespian – red dressing gown/smoking jacket, pale make-up, cigarette holder, side-parting. That should do it…

Until next time, Blog.

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