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NaPoWriMo 2.9: A Short Shukhov Tower Constructivist Playlist Poem

The Shukhov Tower in Moscow



skinny and constant

heaven lies

like a Hello? Hello?

If only. Don’t stop. No.

A little poem about the Shukhov (broadcasting) Tower (the future of which there is currently discussion over), written using a constructivist poetry approach which you can find here – and constructed with only the words from five song titles, via randomising my Most Played tracks. These were:

Skinny Bones (by The Ditty Bops)

Hello Heaven Hello (by James Yuill)

No Lie (James Yuill again)

Don’t Stop (by Owen Pallett)

Constants (James Yuill, who’s done well out of this exercise)

Addendum: There is a Russian revolutionary movement of ‘constructivism’, the manifesto for which you can read here.

There is, however, also an educational idea of constructivism – which I think my poem was based on more – which you can read about here.

My initial idea was to write something in the Russian Constructivist approach, but it seemed like that would have involved a great deal of graphic design…Maybe another time I’ll create a found latticework Constructivist poem from excerpts out of the Manifesto, about the tower. But that time is not tonight 😉

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