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NaPoWriMo 6: A Valediction for Cleanliness

Not a picture of me – this was relatively clean for the Wolf Run…

Taken a moment out from the meditation and practice retreat I’m on right now to catch up a bit with NaPoWriMo – although I might be running a day or two behind, I will do them all! So, in brief – I wrote something akin to a Valedication, although using the prompt very ‘robustly’.

On Sunday, I took part in the WOLF Run – a 10K run near Leamington Spa, with Wilderness Obstacles Lakes and Fields (hence WOLF) – this poem was a record of its epic muddiness, forming a ‘Goodbye to Cleanliness’:

The Paint-Chart of Possibilities When Mixing Earth and Water

or, Goodbye to all That Clean

A gleaming tension grows;

the pristine crowd in day-gloes or white,

each skin-tight bright lycra pose

stretches out the wait.

There is to be some kind of run –

but the main attraction, the real fun

comes as the troop form a great canvas

to really demonstrate en masse

the mixing of Earth and Water.

So let’s see what’s on offer:

To begin the range – April Field-Path:

a lovely undercoat, its soft bourbon-

biscuit hue making it ideal

for embracing the lower-leg in

a fine dust and the

odd little clod.

Then on to Brun-de-Lac.

A truly rich, sedimentary tone this,

for coating the upper shins and thigh.

The Chocolate Porridge-Oat

is wonderfully thick: a chest-high slick

of it will really start to add some depth

to the body’s scheme.

And if you’re feeling bold, why not try

ur Fifty Shades of Dry – until you can

behold the only other colour in sight

beneath the panting, coated face:

the opalescent eyes’ bright-white.

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